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I Am Dealing With Chronic Pain Because Of My Broken Back

What do you think is the Best Way to deal with the Broken Back pain? Show your Support to the Author by Commenting below! It all started In 2010...

5 Pregnancy Symptoms I Wish I Could Let Go Of

1. Food aversions. Nothing sucks more than loving one food and then not being able to eat it anymore. 2. Feeling constantly tired is not productive at all....

Everything was Fine, till I Received this Call!

Do you have a child who is a sickle cell carrier? Comment to show your support! You carry your child for 9 months, wait until the first time...

Losing My Twin Girls at 22 Weeks Pregnant

What helped you push forward during difficult times? Take a read and show your support by Commenting on the blog! When I found out I was pregnant, I was...

How My Mom Beat Breast Cancer

What do you do to stay Positive? Who helps you Fight Cancer? Show your support by Commenting! May 2017 my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. When I...

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