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What do you think of the Doctor-Patient relationship? Are doctors sometimes too harsh? Show your Support to the Author by Commenting below!

Cancer has always been part of my life.

My grandpa died of colon cancer when I was 13 years old. His brother and sister died of cancer in that same year. After that lots of people close to me passed away of Cancer.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and we had no luck.

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In July of 2015 I went to see my doctor to do my yearly checkup and a week later one of his nurses called me and said with the coldest voice ever ” You have cancer. When do you want to come in?”.

I was so upset with what she said and the way she said it. When I finally saw my doctor he said it was not confirmed yet he needed to do more tests. A few days later he did a biopsy and confirmed cancer.

Since I live in Flagstaff Arizona I had to travel two hours to Phoenix Arizona to see the oncologist. When I went to see her she did tests and gave me 15 minutes to decide if I wanted to have surgery or take pills and hope it didn’t spread and didn’t guaranty I was going to get pregnant.

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So I made the decision to have surgery. The cancer was the size of a peanut. I had a hysterectomy and was left with one ovary. Leaving me one ovary to me feels like they’re teasing me. Like you have eggs but you can’t use them.

I would go to see the oncologist every 3 months for two years now I go every six months. My husband and daughter (which was an SR. in high school) took my diagnoses very hard.

Before I left for my surgery I said bye to my loved ones. Because all I knew about cancer was death. My husband took care of me until I was able to get up.

Two more years hopefully and I can put this all behind me.

What do you think of the Doctor-Patient relationship? Are Doctors Sometimes Too Harsh? Show your Support to the Author by Commenting below!

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