The Menopause Effect

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We know that depression can be overwhelming. It can make the littlest things feel like the end of the world. We can push away the people we love, lose interest in our favorite things, and even lose who we are.  If you are going through the change of life and wondering how that is going to affect your depression, this is the article for you. We will look more in-depth at what causes depression and menopause both separately and together. That way you can find balance at a time in your life where there seems like there is none.

Clinical Depression

Everyone has dealt with depression at some time in their life. Whether it’s from being let down by someone close, disappointment from something you can’t control, or just a down day, depression is a feeling of being lower than normal. It is often a feeling that you can shake in a day or so. It doesn’t cause any major disruptions in your overall life. Except when it does. There are times when you can’t shake out of it, no matter how hard you try. This may mean that you are dealing with clinical depression.

Clinical depression is often caused by an underlying condition. It can be caused by medications or hormones. You may have to deal with uncontrollable crying, aggression, or perhaps the inability to get up and get going. You may feel useless. You may feel like you simply can’t deal with the everyday things that you are supposed to be able to handle. Clinical depression can cause disruptions in your work life, home life, and personal life. If can last for weeks or months. It often can be impossible to pull yourself out of it without professional help.

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause can cause you to feel like your body is no longer your own. You may enjoy the fact that you don’t have a monthly period anymore. However, you may be overwhelmed at the other symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. In fact, when asked, a lot of menopausal women said that it was the mood swings that caused the biggest problem in their personal life. They often couldn’t see them until after the fact. It frustrated them and lead them to depreciate their own self-worth. This can be the beginning of the spinning into depression.  

Menopause and the Mind

Menopause can cause an imbalance in the emotions and hormones in the mind. You may feel different but that is because you are different. This hormonal imbalance can make it hard to decide what you like. Even the way your body processes food is different. You may suddenly gain weight, food may taste different, you just don’t see the person that you feel like in the mirror anymore. That can make it hard to connect to others, even if you have known them your whole life. So, what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to make sense of it all?

Connecting the Two

If you are already dealing with depression, then menopause can make the situation worse. The mood swings can take on a more depressive nature. Which means that you may feel happy one minute and be crying over the smallest things the next moment. The change in hormones may make it impossible to pull yourself out of the depression. The truth is that the hormonal changes may make it impossible for you to see the depression at all. If you don’t see it, you can’t change it. That is one reason why you must rely on the people around you to help you to notice the signs. Don’t hesitate to get the help that you need when you want it. Depression is serious.

Ways to Rediscover Yourself

As you are going through menopause, you must find ways to rediscover who you are. Some people do this by creating a bucket list, retirement plan, or picking up a new hobby. The point is to reach out and explore areas where you may have only dreamed about. Don’t overthink it. Just make a list and decide to go for it. Don’t take the time to consider whether or not you will like it. Reach out and embrace new ideas, new foods, and new experiences. That way you can get a taste of new sides of you. Learn what stimulates you and what you just didn’t like. You may learn something new about your body. That would be neat.

The best part of finding yourself is that you get to meet new people as well. You may make a new best friend. Someone that will be willing to explore the world with you. Taking that time does so much more than teach you about yourself and your world. It also helps you to start fighting the depression as well.

Fighting Depression

Fighting depression is not an easy task. It is a daily, sometimes moment by moment, battle. It is up to you to decide to make choices that will help you to fight the depression. That might be as hard as making yourself get out of bed in the morning or as easy as deciding to find some positive in each moment. The foods you eat can help you to feel good. Writing in a journal can help you to discover where you need to make changes and help you to stay positive.

The thing about depression is that sometimes you simply can’t get over it. You can create new habits. You can try new foods. You can pick up new hobbies. Even if you are making positive choices every single day, you may have a hard time feeling like yourself. This is when it is time to go to the doctor. They can prescribe you medications that will help you to balance your hormones. Medications can help to control serotonin levels and help you find your happiness. A counselor can help you to retrain your brain so that you start looking for the positive moments. They can help you to check your routines and find the toxic points. This is the way to help you to develop into who you are.

Let’s face it combining menopause and depression is not the idea most of us have when we thought about growing up. We may have plans for our retirement that include long walks on the beach with fruity umbrella drinks. Depression can make us completely rethink that. Which is why you should ask for help, find new opportunities, and make new friends. Yes, menopause can change your life, but that simply does not have to be negative. Embrace the change by first checking with your doctor and making sure you don’t need medication to help your hormone imbalance. What you get that settled, you may find that menopause is not as bad as you thought. Embrace the good in each day and allow the changes to help you become the person you know is inside. Love yourself, including your ever-changing body.

We are going to wrap this up by saying that life is made up of changes. No one and nothing stays the same. When you embrace the change, life becomes what you make of it.



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